MorganGenus Magnesium and Sports

MorganGenus Magnesium and Sports

MorganGenus Magnesium and sports should be part of your workout routine.

If you are struggling to reach your workout goals, putting in the time but failing to see the benefits or finding you are slow to recover it is time to look and pay attention to your magnesium levels.  Not getting enough Magnesium can be the cause of you not reaching your workout goals. 

Your body performs best when it has the nutrients that it needs. Magnesium is vital to your performance. Working out when you lack this nutrient hinders your ability to perform, your ability to recover and could cause your body undue stress and long term damage.

Research shows that Magnesium:

  • Supports electrolyte balance
  • Helps your body turns glycogen into glucose which helps with energy production
  • Prevents muscle cramps and spasm by helping muscles to relax
  • Replenishes red blood cell helping with muscle recovery
  • Helps your body to produce lean muscle

When you are exerting energy, raising your heartbeat or sweating your body calls on it Magnesium supplies and these supplies need to be replenish.  So no matter what kind of athlete you are Magnesium should always be part of your routine.

Magnesium is vital for anyone that works out regularly.  Athletes need to also pay attention to things that deplete their Magnesium levels such as too much protein, dehydration, sugar, stress, over exertion and caffeine. While introducing Magnesium rich foods into your diet, such as leafy green (Spinach Kale etc.), fruit and vegetables and using tropical Magnesium treatments regularly will also help you reach your peak performance.

What MorganGenus recommends to reach Peak Performance

Working with your body is always the best option. Research has shown that magnesium is key to attaining your best athletic performance and that without sufficient levels of this essential mineral, the recovery process is slower and more painful.  We recommend that you pay attention to dietary intake and other factors that deplete your levels and introduce transdermal magnesium as part of your daily routine.  Prepare your body by taking a Magnesium bath and also prepare your body with Magnesium oil or lotion before physical activities replacing Magnesium lost in your sweat with the body wash and/or lotion after your shower.

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